Hyperlinks in an MS Word doc to other Word docs in unencrypted vault

Not sure if this is more of a MS Office issue or Cryptomator issue…

  1. I have it so that my Cryptomator vault in DropBox unlocks to the same mapped drive,lets say T:
  2. Once unlocked I open a Word document in the vault and click on a hyperlink to another Word doc in the unlocked vault.
  3. The hyperlink fails. The simple hyperlink T:\folder\example.docx has been changed to a ‘web-like’ hyperlink such as http:non-static-path\example.docx

Is there a way to fix this? I have Windows 8.1. Is it Microsoft’s Upload Center? It is rendering many of my hyperlinked documents useless.


Which adapter have you configured in your Cryptomator settings? WebDAV? Dokany? Do both behave the same?