Huge Archive Vault or Smaller Vaults


I have seen some similar posts but still having trouble figuring out what is the best option.
My Archive is constantly growing as I do video work… It’s curently at around 10TB.

I have a 14tb hard drive containing a vault that syncs with my Google Drive using ‘Insync’.
Is this the best way to do it? are there drawbacks of such a huge vault? Would there be any benifit in using smaller vaults for each folder on the drive.

As my encrypted data can’t be moved around within Google Drive easily I need to get this right straight off the bat as my upload speed is very slow.

Currently in about a month I have uploaded 2TB with mostly constant uploading.

If anyone has any experience with huge archives as a vault which is synced online please let me know what you have found is the most convenient solution.


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