How to open manual locally?

So i have file on Onedrive business using Cryptomator

and i try to download one file from there ( encrypted )

and i download my masterkey then open it with cryptomator linux app

password input and everything runs well

the folder is opened ( reveal drive )
but the file is not decrypted ( only empty folder )

am i doing something wrong ?

my goal is to download one file manually from my cloud
then decrypt it manually using cryptomator app by put it on local storage
thank you

p.s im pretty sure the file i download is correct, cyberduck lead me to the file url
in case you need additional info
OS: Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS x86_64
Kernel: 5.4.0-42-generic

This is not how Cryptomator Desktop works. You’ll have to sync the complete vault. Not only a file.
If available try the „on demand“ function of your storage providers sync app if you want to reduce local drive usage.

A small addition: This approach does not work in general, because Cryptomator flattens the directory structure. This means you need to download the correct top level folders and the correct, encrypted directory link until you reached the folder wich contains the targeted encrypted file.

For more explanation, have a look at our docs:

Remark: If the file is located in the vault root and you duplicate the whole file path to it, the approach would work.