How to configure WinFsp For Case-Insensitive Tab-Completion

Ok, so DokAny v1 would do case-insensitive tab-completion, but WinFsp does not.

QUESTION: Who can I talk to about configuring WinFsp for Case-Insensitive Tab-Completion??

(with DokAny, if I have a Cryptomator folder named X:\UT and do a “cd u*” and then TAB, I would see a “completion” option of UT… but with WinFsp, tab-completion gives nothing unless I do “cd U*” (with a capital U)

For those of us who live at the Command-Prompt, this is very painful. I’ve been trying to get used to it for several days now, and I will either have to rename all files and folders to lower-case or I’ll have to leave Cryptomator behind and go back to my BoxCryptorClassic 1.0 Enterprise license. : (

For me, the winfsp GitHub would be my first choice if I had problems with it.

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I’ve spoken with the WinFsp folks, then are not able to do the insensitive “dir n*” or “n+TAB” like DokAny v1 can do.

QUESTION: Will Cryptomator be supporting DokAny v2 in the future?

I guess I need to find out if DokAny v2 will be case-insensitive for dir and tab-completion…

It is planned, we also have an open issue for it. Unfortunately, we cannot state any ETA.

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I did get confirmation from the DokAny devs, they will be continuing the case-insensitive DIR and TAB-Completion.