How does Cryptomator "know" where to find the shared encrypted file?

So I know if I want to share a file I have to share it over my cloud provider and the person I share it with needs to have Cryptomator installed.
But if the “Sharing person” opens Cryptomator - how does it know where to look for the file?
Is it neccessary to add the link of the Cloud file to Cryptomator or how does it work?

Hi. Cryptomator doesn’t.
If you want someone else to have access to your data, you’ll have to share the vault password and an access to your cloud.
This person will then have access to your complete vault, just like you.

So you see: Sharing a dedicated file is not a feature of Cryptomator. Sharing at all is not a feature because that would mean there should be an user access management, which does not exist (my opinion).

@Michael thank you for your answer!
I forgot to mention that I have of course also shared the passwort for the vault, sorry.
But my question is - if my sharing Person has installed Cryptomator and knows the password and has got acces to the cloud, how can he or she add the vault to Cryptomator?
Because I thought you have to first open Cryptomator and choose the vault and then type in the password. But my sharingpersons Cryptomator is probably empty at first.
So how can he or she add it?

I hope I could make my problem clear, I am finding it hard to explain :smiley:

Ah, then I misunderstood your question.
Here’s the manual where vault management is described.

There you can read how to add vaults in Cryptomator.


Thanks a lot @Michael!
That was exactly my question.

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