How do I roll back Crypto to 1.4.15-x64

I updated Crypto today to the 1.5 version. And that, of course, required modifying (or re-writing, maybe?) the entire vault. I allowed Crypto to do that. Then, once I opened the vault, I got repeated notifications from Dropbox that hundreds of files were being deleted - without any such instruction from me. I did not want any files deleted.

The Crypto vault is within my Dropbox folders. I use an HP Envy laptop, running Win 10 Home, version 1909.

I have used Crypto successfully for the past few years. No prior mega-glitches like this.

What I want to do is roll back the reformatting or modifications to the vault. I have deleted Crypto 1.5 from the machine and reinstalled Crypto 1.4.15-x64.

What can I do, please?..nick

Before we do anything hasty here, please read the whole post.

Cryptomator does not offer any rollback mechanism. Once the vault is migrated, it stays that way.
What you can do is to restore a previous version of your files over the interface of your cloud provider.

Okay, that answers the question…

… but why should you roll back at all? Sure, there seems a lot of files “deleted”. But breathe, calm down. Maybe take a first look into the migrated vault… and notice everything is still there. With Cryptomator 1.5.0 not only the gui got an overhaul, but also the internal vault format changed to make it more robust for cloud storage.

In the new format, all encrypted files have now a file extension. Also, files with very long names are now handled differently. Due to these changes, all files needed to be renamed, some deleted and new ones created.

And now imagine, that dropbox cannot detect the renaming procedure. Then apparently a lot of files will be deleted. And from this point, Nick, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

As a last takeaway: If something changes, keep a cool head. Question it, do some research. And don’t panic. :slight_smile:


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