How do i access my files?

Hi iam new to cryptomator , i have a question , how do i access my file on the cloud after i unlock the vault from the app? , The file appears to be inaccessible , i can only see it in the drive it self .

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Not sure, but do you mean access eg via browser? If yes, the answer is: you can’t. Because the file is encrypted and you need software (Cryptomator desktop, cyberduck or Cryptomator mobile apps) to decrypt it if you want to access it.

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Yes my question is how to decrypt using cryptomator? After i unlock the vault from the app is it supposed to open and decrypt the file from the cloud directly while the vault is unlocked? Is that how cryptomator works ?

Yes. You do not have to actively encrypt or decrypt your files. This is done on the fly by cryptomator when you open a file from your vault (the new drive letter), or safe it to it. Please keep in mind, that the sync with your online storage is not done by cryptomator. This is done by your online provider sync app (gdrive, onedrive, etc). so make sure you have stored the vault files (the path you entered when setting up a vault) at a lokal disk space that is included into your online sync configuration.
I like to point that you because you wrote

and in fact you dont work “directly” with the cloud files. The vault is stored local and is then synced with the cloud files via the dedicated sync app of your provider

You can read further information in our docs: