Hidden folder not accessible

Hi all,
i found that a recently renamed folder ‘Neuer Ordner’ appeared twice in my local cryptomator drive (new name and the ‘Neuer Ordner’) with identical content.
I saved the ‘Neuer Ordner’ to a different location (no delete!), verified its content and then deleted the folder in the cryptomator drive.
Immediately both folders, ‘Neuer Ordner’ and the renamed one disappeared!
Thats bad, but not the end of the story.
Since i had a backup of the folder i tried to create a folder with the new name, but this failed permanently, even with admin rights as offered through the error dialog.
Error message: ‘Verzeichnis [Scenic] konnte nicht angelegt werden!’

My assumption is, that there is
a) some kind of tricky linking when things are simply renamed or moved
b) some error with remaining (invisible) entries from these links.

Situation now is, that a specific folder name is burned ‘forever’ and i have potentially a instable cryptomator drive with potential data loss in the future…

Hope that someone has a solution for this or an idea how to check the drive for problems.