[help] decryptfile error when entering absolute path of encrypted file


Trying to use sanitizer 's decryptFile function.

From the web I only found little info.

Suppose I put on google drive with G:\my drive\vault\masterkey.xxx

in command prompt I call up java -jar sanitizer decryptfile -vault “G\my drive\vault”

it then ask for password. (done)

it then
"enter absolute path of an encrypted file:" <----------------------------

the vault itself, assume a new one I made for testing,
only have:


and now I don’t know what to enter into the “ask for absolute path” question.

is it…
/? (result in: Given path is not absolute.)
or it is G:\my drive\vault\ with the encrypted path?

thank in advance.

from this post,
it seems in the <----------------- question,
one have to enter the encrypted path?

I am using google 's file stream, seems differ from the above user’s situation.

from this post:

$ java -jar sanitizer-0.13.jar decryptFile -vault /Users/Eduardo/Cryptomator_vault/

Cryptomator vault sanitizer v0.13

Vault password:
Enter absolute path of an encrypted file: /Users/Eduardo/Cryptomator_vault/d/35/JG366DHSZ7C2CF7JS6NHVBSAROACEH/2RYXDGZIR6S4W24IB5POARRVCMIOKMBXGFXZINSRLU5NU4MMAY6Q====

how the hell I know


is the file I want to decrypt !?


Use the encryptPath command first to determine the encrypted path. After that you can use decryptFile.

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