Have a couple of question

  1. I have a external hdd and want to know how i can specify which folder i want encrypted.
  2. will there still be support for android 6 because theres no official android 7 and above for my phone. buying a new phone everytime just to upgrade android version is too costly.
  3. how do i use rclone/syncthing to sync to cloud provider like gdrive and also external portable hdd.
  4. if say i will be buying a new pc how do i migrate my encrypted stuff to the new pc?

Hi and welcome.
Based on your questions I recommend to read the documentation.
Seems there are misunderstandings how cryptomator works.

You do not specify what to encrypt, you specify a folder where you create and store your vault and then copy/move the files you want to encrypt into this vault.

[cannot answer 2]

The (encrypted) vault files are just normal fies. You sync them to your online storage the same way you would do with any other file you want to store online. How to use the 2 tools you are mentioning is probably explained on the respective websites.

You install the cryptomator desktop app on your new PC and sync (means download) your online vault to your new PC. Then follow the documentation how to add an existing vault to your cryptomator desktop app.

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With Cryptomator for Android in version 1.6.0, published in the next weeks, we are increasing the minimum Android version to 7 as we have some problems with libraries running this old operating system version as well as maintaining such old operating systems along with a new one every year is very challenging. I’m very sad about it too but the update policy of the most Android smartphone manufacturer is very frustrating. This not only causes unnecessary costs for us customers or creates huge security problems but also produces a lot of avoidable waste.
Android 6 is now 6 years old and did not receive security updates for almost 3 years. Even Android 7 is already 5 years old and did not receive security updates for almost 2 years which is from my point of few still really bad to use because there were countless security-related bugs in the meantime, which will not be fixed in this way. The main security target of this app is to solve privacy issues when saving files to cloud storage that means that we have not increased to the minimum android version 7 for this reason, but it has always played a role in the consideration of how much extra time we invest to support really old android versions like 6, 5 or even 4 if we encounter major problems that require extra treatment and would involve a great amount of effort in our project directly or in one of the dependencies (from our side) we use. Until February 2021 we had the minimum Android version 4.3, in February we had to increase it to 6.0 and now 7.0. What I mean is that we try to keep it as low as possible, but again and again we come to the point of not being able to avoid it in a reasonable way.


For Rclone, I would suggest to add the Rclone command option;


This will maintain the empty directories of the Cryptomator vault, as I understand it is important to keep the Cyrptomator vault directory structure intact, which includes keeping empty folders and subfolders.

you mentioned i synced them like a normal file but cant i sync encrypted? i dont want it to sync just normal files

can you tell me what i should be cloning with rclone? and where they are located

Of course you sync the encrypted files.
But an encrypted file is just simply a file. There is no difference in the sync process itself.
You just sync the encrypted files instead of the unencrypted files.

I can not decide for you what you should be rcloning or where it is located. That depends on you and your system. My suggestion is just to add the command option I mentioned to your script so that you can maintain the dirctory structure and include the empty vault directories of your cryptomator vault.