Getting Error of Wacom Tablet Driver Not Found in Windows 10

I am using a wacom tablet since a long time. When i try to connect my wacom tablet with computer in windows 10, I am getting an error like wacom tablet driver not found. I also unistalled and then again installed wacom tablet drivers but that also didn’t worked for me. I also searched in google but didn’t found a proper solution. Can anyone help me to resolve this issue.

Hi. What exactly is you problem regarding Cryptomator?

Hey, StephenKery

Don’t worry about this problem I got this exact solution to fix this problem

follow these tips can help you…also I have added the main source for full information you’ll get in with images help too…

  1. Press windows key + R and then type services.msc in the dialog box of run window which appears and click ok.
  2. The services window will open and under this find your wacom tablet service. Note that it is to be made sure that your wacom tablet service has running status. Also note that the wacom tablet service can vary from device to device and can have different names. The names can be tabletserviceWacom, Wacom profession service, Wacom consumer service, touch keyboard and handwriting panel service.
  3. Now right click on your wacom tablet service accordingly and then click restart in the window.
  4. Now you can restart the computer and then check if the tablet options are working or just directly check them.



Thanks for the solution, I did try it but no luck. I referred to other methods and even used semester grade calculator and one of them did fortunately. Thanks for sharing though. :slight_smile: