Get CM to recognize vault in 7Zip

Would like to zip some files in my vault but 7Zip does not show the vault. Is there a way to see it?

Here’s what I remember from when I was using windows.

  • Unlock the vault
  • Browse the unlocked vault with windows file manager.
  • Right click on a file and it will show the installed options for file handling, including 7zip (if installed)

Does it no longer work like that?

Funny you should mention that. In fact, something is “broken” such that 7 zip does NOT appear in the right click context menu.

But my questions was this - when you already have 7 zip open and can see the various drives to select folders/files, my vault does not appear in 7 zip.

Is your vault unlocked? Which cryptomator version and which drive type in settings?

Yes - unlocked and visible. Volume type is Automatic. there is no drive that appears as CMIn 7-zip, from root, I see:

If I open Computer I see:
D: (an external drive)
G: (Google drive)

If I open \. I see: