Force vaults to receive the same netword drive letters

Hello there,

I am not aware of how webdav or network drives work, but I was wondering if it was possible to make Cryptomator always make a vault alwayys receive the same address/letter. I say that since I have unlocked a vault, and it was assigned the letter “Z”, for example, and I gave that address to a program so it would look for the files there.
The troubling part is that I realized that when I added another vault to be automatically opened at windows start, and it was assigned the letter “Z” instead of the other, messing up the programs ability to check for the files.

Is there a way to fix the drive letters?

Thanks in advance.

P.S.: Using Windows 10 64bit, and Cryptomator version 1.5.5.

Yes, this possible. Please see here:

Oh god, I did’t notice that :sweat_smile:, guess my search terms were not generic enough haha.