Force "eject" zombie vault

I lost mount on a vault, leaving behind an N:\ drive on my PC which is unopenable and has remained after exiting, relaunching and updating Cryptomator itself. N is no longer available to assign the vault in Cryptomator when opening it again. Is there a way to forcibly remove this N:\ drive without rebooting the PC?

I have the same problem when using Dockany on Windows 10, reason why I reverted to webdav

What do you mean with “lost a mount”? Was it a regualr/forced unmount or did Cryptomator crashed?
When i unlock a vault with Dokany und lock it again, the vault may remain in the left volume view of the File Explorer, but it disappears when i close and open it again.

Neither; Cryptomator didn’t crash, but at some point without intervention it started failing to mount folders correctly leaving behind the unusable inoperable N:\ drive which remained until I rebooted the PC.