Folder name not supported

I have been looking why my folder with contains lots of subfolder shows on iOS but is hidden in finder (mac). After hours of searching and renaming folders i found the error but i don’t understand what is going wrong.

If i use a foldername it gives an error in the iOS app and if i create this folder in iOS it is hidden in finder. very strange.

foldername witch gives an error:
K.S.H. Technikhandel - Martin Stockhaus (kabels nieuwe huis)

if i rename the folder and delete the text ‘nieuwe huis’ the problem is fixed

foldername with no error:
K.S.H. Technikhandel - Martin Stockhaus (kabels)

I suppose something with the length of the foldername.

You are right. I can reproduce the issue with the name you’ve given. Thank you for your bug report, we’ll have a look at it asap!

Just wanted to let you know that we’re going to fix this in the next update 1.3.2 for Desktop which is due soon. It is indeed a special case in long folder names (between 60 and 64 characters) that’s not interoperable between Desktop/Android and iOS.

Thanks. This symptom is the same as the topic Directory empty on Mac but works correctly in iOS App #266 maybe it is related.