Files not loading

So I’ve been having a problem with my files not even listing. When I get logged into my Cryptomator and the Drive opens, all I get is “This folder is empty”.

I’m using Google Drive File Stream and I even wiped my computer and reinstalled my OS (Windows 7) to try to solve this problem but even after a clean install of everything I’m not able to get any of my files to load. Just reaching out for some help here. Thanks so much.

So is this just with File Stream or also with fully synced Google Drive?

What version of Cryptomator and File Stream do you use?

So I’m using the latest versions of Cryptomator and File Stream. And I haven’t tried it with full synced Google Drive as my drive is too large for my small SSD that I have. I decided to use File Stream just because I didn’t have to keep many files local.

I have also uninstalled and reinstalled Drive File stream and Cryptomator multiple times.