FEATURE REQUEST: Web Access through Browser Extension

Why doesn’t Cryptomator create a browser extension to allow web access to files on Google Drive, Dropbox, and other mainstream cloud services?

If Cryptomator has an app through which we can browse our files on Google Drive & Dropbox, that means it’s possible for them to allow web access to our encrypted files, for when we are not on our personal computers.

I don’t see what’s stopping them. Web access is the one missing feature from Cryptomator. I know that unlike other similar services, Crytomator wants to stay simple. They don’t want their customers to have to create an account to encrypt or access their files. I totally support that. So it seems to me that short of that, the simple solution to enable web access is to create a browser extension, that would allow us to see and download our files on the web.

The solution is either a browser an extension or the ability to log into our cloud accounts via the cryptomator website, just like on the app, only on desktop.


There’s already a feature request to this.