[Feature Request] V1.5 and KeePass

I use KeePass to store the passwords to my vaults so I can use longer passwords. In the prior version, when Cryptomator opened a window to enter a password for a vault it would display the file name in the target window. With the file name in the target window, KeePass allows you to select that name and setup the login process. With KeePass setup, you can avoid all of the cut and paste as KeePass matches the target window title with entries in its database and allow you to use the hot key which would pass the password directly into the password field. It was awesome.

V1.5 now displays “Unlock Vault” for every file which no longer makes it unique. Could we replace “Unlock Vault” in the target window with the file name like it was before so we can use KeePass to automatically pass the password?


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I noted by request was changed to a [Feature Request] meaning it is not considered a bug fix for this version. Is there a location for V1.5 bug fixes meaning something worked in the prior version and no longer works in this version. I suppose there is a distinction to be made between with Cryptomator directly versus indirectly and thus why it is now considered a feature request.

If so, no harm. I am assuming I can easily uninstall v1.5, locate and uninstall v1.4 to get the functionality back. I have a backup of the one vault that I upgraded.

That said, I really appreciate the product and I owe you a donation regardless whether my issue gets addressed. Thanks for the support and awesome tool

Yeah, it makes sense and is indeed an easy change. So I’ve just implemented it:

It will take some time until we’ll release an update though!


That is awesome!! I mostly likely will downgrade until a new release is issued.

And I kept my word. I sent over a donation.

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That’s my fault. We recieved a heavy load on support tickets/issues/etc due to the 1.5.0 release and need to triage them. And this time I overshoot the mark a little :sweat_smile: