[Feature Request] Syncing several sources with individual vault for each source

I’m not sure if something like this had already been requested in the past, I couldn’t find anything what would fit my request.

The feature I would like to request is a syncing function for the Android app: What I use is a WebDAV account to store a vault on and I would like to setup several sources (locale folders in different places) which should be synced with individual vaults. Here is a little example …

source_a {/storage/emulated/0/Folder_A, /storage/emulated/0/Folder_B, /storage/emulated/0/Folder_C} → Vault_A_on_Web_DAV/user/backup

source_b {/storage/emulated/0/Pictures/DCIM, /storage/emulated/0/Downloads} → Vault_B_on_Web_DAV/user/myfiles

The vaults should be synced either if the user triggers each entry manually to be synced or automatically if the specific vault is unlocked.

Is there a chance a feature like this will be realised in the future? I would really appreciate. :slight_smile:

should be exactly what you’re requesting.

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