[Feature Request] Restore Older File Revisions

Hi !

Thank you for your amazing work.

I would have a feature suggestion : would it be possible to add a “file history” feature to Cryptomator ?

I use Cryptomator to store sensitive files (of course). So I’d like to be sure to keep old versions of those files when I eddit them. And, of course, if relying on external tools to handle this would make the file encryption pointless.

I think it would be a wonderful addition to this great tool.

Thanks again !

Do you mean a kind of log file of recently accessed files?

Or rather support to restore previous revisions of changed files?

Rather support to restore previous revisions of changed files.

I see. Well the filename encryption works deterministically in order to allow the underlying file storage to track changes. I.e. file revisions for the ciphertext files are already created - if the storage software supports this (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, …).

However, Cryptomator doesn’t make it the easiest task to restore such an older revision, because there isn’t yet any way to find out which ciphertext file corresponds to which cleartext file. We have an old issue for this, but so far we didn’t come up with a brilliant idea how to plan such a workflow: