[Feature Request] Polish Language Localisation for android app

Hi, could you prepare and implement full Polish language support in Android App?
Desktop app have it already.


Hey hey,

We use Crowdin to manage our translations. Other users have already translated the app into Turkish, Spanish and French. Do you like to translate Cryptomator into Polish? That would be amazing!!!

Give me a short note, then I’ll create the language and you can start with the translation.

Please prepare Polish language slot :wink:

Niiiice :tada:

Here you go: https://crowdin.com/translate/cryptomator-android/30/en-pl?filter=basic&value=3

Done. @SailReal
Can I grab dark mode for desktop app as a reward for contribute for community?

thank you for considering



I don’t know how handle some variants of words:

  • weeks
  • months
  • years
  • seconds
    etc. cause Polish language using other suffixes for MEANING something. (It is madness)
    Applied over for testing. Fixes will be applied if any.

Woooow :flushed: amazing, thank you for this awesome contribution!!!

Will publish it together with the 1.5.14 release on Monday, thank you very much :tada:!

Just sent you a direct message :wink: :gift:

I used skarbiec for eng word vault.
In Windows app u use sejf (but in english sejf = safe ).

Your call if change is needed.

haha do not understand much but looks good :slight_smile:

We will discuss skarbiec vs skarbiec

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@SailReal I made for now one change before release

ID dialog_cache_size_title
English is simple and short.
Polish not quite.


Pol. is not fit well one line.


Just created a discussion about the topic ‘skarbiec’ vs ‘sejf’ for the word ‘vault’: https://crowdin.com/project/cryptomator/discussions/4

@SailReal I installed latest app version on smartphone. In some places is still used word skarbiec in other sufixes. I made already changes in translation in crowdin.com project site. Please merge these changes in future release.
Used properly (Polish language is bad ass in this) :wink: :


Also I cleared not needed translations for clarify.

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Thank you very much!!! And yes, will be merged into the next release :slight_smile: