[Feature Request]: automatic login for linux

Hey @overheadhunter @tobihagemann,

I would love to see auto-login for linux.

Therefore I’ve written an Java library for the Secret Service API (gnome-keyring) over the D-Bus.

I’ve invited you to project. The project is still private, as I would like to get some feedback on it before making it public.




woah great you’re taking the initiative! :muscle:

I will take a closer look within the next days. So far I’ve some questions regarding dependencies, java version, how you want to publish the artifacts etc.

It might be easiest to have a voip call for such things. For code-related issues I think it’ll be best to report bugs via GitHub Issues. What do you think?


Thank you for your quick reply and the code review until now!

I really appreciate to get some advice in terms of best practices.

I’ve send you a mail to support@cryptomator.org with my personal contact information for a voip call.