[Feature Request] Allow for Drag and Drop of text from External apps into Cryptomator

Currently one has to copy a generated key and disable whatever clipboards they can, but this isn’t as secure as dragging the text.

It would be ideal to allow users to drag the key from the password manager or other external application into Cryptomator.

For those who are interested in doing this without any issues:

  1. Generate a password with your password manager.
  2. Drag the generated password into a text file, because the moment that window disappears, it will generate a new one, and since you have to confirm it, you can’t get it back.
  3. Drag the text in the empty text file into Cryptomator twice.
  4. Open your password manager and create a new profile to save and then fill it out and drag the password once more from the text file to the password field.

The caveats to this is that if someone can access your computer remotely and read your screen, they can see the password.

Thank you for your suggestion! I’ve managed to enable drag & drop in a proof of concept but the funny thing is: My password manager (1Password) didn’t allow me to drag a password out of it. :joy: It looks like that it might work for some password managers but apparently not all of them.

Nevertheless, it should be all right to enable drag & drop anyway. I don’t think that it hurts (on the contrary, it feels more native) and it shouldn’t have any security implications. I’ve created a formal feature request on GitHub.

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Thanks so much! I appreciate it.