Feature request: [1.5.0]: Vault migration process and the popups (usability)

Since my request is strongly influenced by my understanding of usability, i want to discuss it here before it becomes a github issue.

Today I started using 1.5.0 and to have all “beginners” scenarios I decided to add some of my existing vault, and to set up some new vaults.
I started with the new ones and everything worked like a charm. After I closed the popup, everything was done.
Then I added the first existing vault, entered my password and expected the migration process to start.
But the button that should open my vault is deactivated. I cannot go forward with the process for (seemingly) no reason. Only option was the button “cancel”. I was confused because I didn’t want to cancel the process to add my vault. Aa as I knew there’s a migration process needed, I looked at the main windows and there was the information that the vault needs a migration. The popup that asks me to enter my password and open the vault was still open. You have to cancel the popup (the vault is added at this point anyway) and proceed with the migration in the main window, that then again opens a popup.

So, to avoid any irritation for new or not experienced users, the “add new vault” process should end when cryptomator realizes that the vault needs a migration and the user should be pointed to the main window to start the migration.
Alternatively the migration process should start within the existing (opened) popup that openes when you add an existing vault (before the step you have to enter your password).

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Agree. @tobihagemann @SailReal You noticed this, too? But I guess we haven’t fixed this in the meantime?

Then this is a case for GitHub. I’d even say it’s a bug, not a feature request.

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Yep, it’s still a bug. Related to that, the menu bar doesn’t recognize the “needs migration” state either.


Just created GitHub #1029

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