Error Renaming Folder

I’m using Cryptomator Version 1.3.4 on Windows 10 Desktop Client.

When renaming a Folder from “abc” to “Abc” there Comes an error saying, the Folder does not exist anymore. After that, you can’t Access the Folder even if closing and reopening the Tresor.
Playing around with this Problem, trying to rename the Folder to it’s old Name or deleting the new Name, many Errors occurs, saying Folder is not there, or Folder already exists.
Mostly all files in that Folder are lost.

Of Course there is a Workaround:
First Rename from “abc” to "Abcx"
Than Rename from “Abcx” to “Abc”.
Everything works.

But losing files in case of a “normal” rename Operation is a very high risk.

Thank you for your bug report, @stolle_web_de! We were not aware of this behavior on Windows. I’ve created a technical issue on GitHub: