Error on custom path


Today I updated to 1.7.3 on Windows 10 OS. I was using custom path mount and it stopped working. In the preferences I tried WinFSP (local drive), it seems that is the only one that supports custom path now. WinFSP version 2022.2 it seems was installed by the cryptomator installer itself. When I try to mount I get an error that something wrong has happened and it was not expected.

I can mount on a drive letter though using automatic mount option.

Is there an issue with WinFSP, should I switch to Dokan driver? What is preferred?


Most probably the last time you locked the vault, Cryptomator could not clean up the mount point. Got to the vault options and reselect the directory in as the mount target. Also ensure, that the directory is empty.

I have tried that already. But while trying to look further it seems there was a temp folder .mountpointdir.tmp and that was left behind. Deleting that folder fixed the issue.