Encryption Overkill

I’m striving for two things, comprehensive encryption and simplicity. With that in mind, I use:

  • Bitlocker to encrypt my external drives, as well as my operating system (aka full disk encryption)

  • I have set up 2 vaults with Cryptomater, one for items locally and another for items stored in the cloud (Sync.com)

  • Sync.com was selected for its very tight , end 2 end encryption and zero knowledge approach

  • I share a few folders out on Sync with other people, so the contents in those folders are individually encrypted using AESCrypt (selected so they would not have to download, install and learn an app - AES Crypt seemed the most simple approach in this specific case. These are not tech-savvy friends.)

  • Lastly, I use Yubikey to log into Windows logon, so access to the machine itself is locked down.

This, at times, seems like a lot to manage and remember and possibly overkill. I’m not working for the NSA or anything like that, I just want to rest assured knowing that if my laptop was stolen (probably the most statistically likely bad event), the thief would be locked out completely. But wondering if I can simplify this strategy any more without sacrificing security. When I try and explain this to my wife in case I’m hit by a bus, her eyes glaze over and I know 90% of it is lost in translation. Even I sometimes struggle to remember all the details, even though each app or approach was selected with a specific purpose in mind. So any suggestions to streamline and simplify?