Encrypt & Backup Only

I use onedrive and understand that i can create a vault inside onedrive so that all my files in the cloud (vault) are encrypted. I however have concerns about not being able to decrypt them in an extreme case of failure. I would therefore like my unencrypted data stored locally on my hard disk in a designated folder (with sub folders etc) - and cryptomator encrypts and pushes a copy of the content to onedrive in real time. This way, i will have an unencrypted source in my hard disk while having encrypted cloud backup. Can this be done? Thanks.

Cryptomator can not do this. But you can set up this with a backup software that pushes your decrypted files into the vault. If the vault is stored in your local one drive folder, then the one drive app will sync the vault to your online storage.

And then you’ll have your files decrypted in your local folders (eg “my documents”) and encrypted in your online storage as well.

Thanks Michael. Noted. I would assume the backup software needs to compare files between the two folders. Will the files that i create for the vault support the backup software so that it can meaningfully compare files to be backed up? I ask this because in case the contents of the vault are already encrypted at local level, the backup software may not be able to do a meaningful comparison for backing files up. Thanks again!

You obviously cannot compare encrypted files with decrypted files. But when you open your vault it will be mounted as network drive so you can access the files within you vault. And these files are the ones that you want to compare with your local ones.