Empty folders make ctmt cannot be used with some backup solutions

as said, currently rclone wont copy empty folders,
so we cant backup a vault by rclone, some empty
folders will be missing.

some programs like dirsync etc also share that philosophy. “only copy content”

#rclone s developer(s) was well aware of the problem in late 2017. But it does not look like there will be immediate solution from them.

Asked the developers from rclone.

currently they suggest make a dummy file.

find /path/to/root -type d -empty -exec touch {}/dummyfile ;

I tried it work under cygwin under windows.

But the dummy file is zero byte.

I have not verified that work. (although the solution is by the author is rclone.)

May be later someone can change the “touch” part into “echo”.

I tried but simply change it into echo “1234” > dummy.file is not working,

system report no argument to -exec.

so, let’s see how later.