Empty fault after new Installation of Cryptomator

I had got troubles with cryptomator, it hang up a several times.
So I decided to clear the cash, after that to reinstall the App.
Now my troubles grow fast. I cannot relink the cryptomator App to my fault.

My Fault is located on my SD.
I use a Fairphone 2, Android 7.1.2
I use the vaults local to mirror them encryped to the cloud.

  1. add an existing vault
  2. choose local Storage or intern Storage
  3. choose my sd card
  4. to choose local Storage an hang up

If i copy my vaults to the intern storage, than it worked.
If i link the App to the mirrored Cloud, the linking works, but the vault is empty.
Can anyone helpy further?

That sounds really strange :thinking:!

If I understand you correctly, you can open the vault with the valid content if you open it from internal storage. If the same vault will be opened from external storage the app hangs. Directly opening the same vault by connecting to the cloud, it can be opened but is empty?

thanks for ansering.
Yes, thats exactly what it is.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Can you please try the following:

  1. To access the vault stored on the SD card, you’re adding the SD card as “Custom location”. Can you please try to add the internal storage as custom location and open the vault using this new “Custom location” to exclude that the problem exists in the implementation of accessing vaults used on “Custom locations”.
  2. Can you please download the complete vault (folder) directly from your cloud and try to unlock it to make sure, that it is still accessible in the cloud and not made unusable for any reason.

sorry for waiting ages to answer,
To solve the problem, I simply create a new vault internal, made a successful synchronisation and then had no time to try any more.
Thank you very much so far

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