Edit filename pattern for image upload

Hi all.
Im using iOS Version 1.2.6 (488) on a German iPhone with iOS 10.
When uploading images, the file-name is given as follows:
“Foto dd-mm-yy hh mm ss.jpeg”.
The date relates to the meta info and therefore to the date the image was taken (so far so good)
Is there a way to edit the pattern?
Im asking because the “sort by name” option is not very useful with this filename-pattern. And the “sort by date” option is also not appropriate, because it relates to the date the image was uploaded, and not the date the image was taken.
As a consequence of this, Im actually not able to sort by pictures by date the pictures were taken.

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ok, as no one has a clue here and I’m meanwhile pretty sure that there is no way to edit/change that, I opened a feature request on github. #100

Your assumption is correct: Currently, there is no way to change the filename pattern. And you’re absolutely right that it would make sense to change the default pattern. Thank you for your feature request on GitHub!