E5BN:E5BN:BIEF and V18O:1EHT:D5ID errors / FUSE and WebDAV under linux mint


im working under linux mint and getting the E5BN:E5BN:BIEF error when trying to unlock a shred directory. The solution proposed for this here is to change FUSE to WebDAV in the settings. Done that, I get the error V18O:1EHT:D5ID while unlocking, which apparently can be resolved by… changing WebDAV back to FUSE.
Im kinda stuck there, can somebody assist me please?

Welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

That is strange. You are the first who reports this error and uses a linux-based OS.

Selecting FUSE means, that for system integration the fuse-library should be used. This library is nearly always present on linux systems, but you can check if it is installed. Additionally, did you chose a specific mountpoint? If so, try to change the option to let Cryptomator pick the mountpoint.