Duplicated (double) files and folders (Boxcryptor > Cryptomator>iCloud on Apple)

Hi, Here also a previous Boxcryptor (BC) user.

I copied all my BC files and folders to my new Cryptomator (CM) vault on iCloud on my Mac with CM version 1.6.17 (dmg-4104). On my folder @ desktop at the CM Folder I first saw some duplicated files, so deleted them. But when I looked at CM on my iPad within the CM folder on iCloud, I see lot of duplicated folders, like:

(1) FoldernameA
(1) FoldernameB
(1) FoldernameC
… and so on

(Something similar with the duplicated files).

All folders with “(1) FoldernameX” are not accessible, but I am able to delete them.

As a previous BC user, you can imagine I don’t trust CM now with handling my files and folders. Especially when I used it the other day with MountainDuck/OneDrive, where it said “All files synced”, while lots of files weren’t available on OneDrive.

Am I doing something wrong? Why are (some) files and folders duplicated stored on iCloud after I copied them from BC to CM?

Please advice.