Duplicate filenames (iOS)


When saving to cryptomator on iOS, some files end up having the same filename. This isn’t the fault of Cryptomator but Cryptomator doesn’t make things easy.

Let’s say we want to upload 200 files and dozens of files have duplicate filenames. We have to scroll down each page and constantly press save until we see the duplicate filenames shake. Then when we select the filenames to rename, it highlights the entire filename. Once a group of files have been changed, you have to again press save and scroll constantly scroll until you find the next batch of filenames.

I propose the following changes:

  1. The ability to change all filenames automatically with a press of a button instead of having to manually go through them. Just add an incremented number on the end. Provide an option to rename all or manually rename.

  2. During manual rename, pressing save should scroll to the first file that has the duplicate name. Perhaps you can add options to toggle this on and off.

  3. When tapping into a file, the cursor should be at the end instead of having the whole filename selected. Perhaps you can add options to toggle this on and off.

#1 makes using cryptomator extremely frustrating. I have purchased 14 iOS licenses for my staff over the last 12 months and can purchase more but we’ve had to use other solutions to avoid this. I’m surprised why this has gone unnoticed but can anything be done about this with haste?