Dropbox Stuck in Sync + Ejecting Drive Failed


New to Cryptomator. Since installing it, all the files in my Dropbox are stuck in sync mode (blue icon). I’ve tried locking (ejecting) the vault I created, and there is a message “Ejecting drive failed”. What should I do? Not a great start…


Which operating system are you using? Ejecting drive failed usually indicates that there is still a process accessing your decrypted files.

On windows a second lock attempt will “force eject” the drive, on Mac this is prohibited by the OS to avoid data loss. On Linux it greatly varies depending on the desktop environment, file explorer and WebDAV client.

For Dropbox sync issues please contact Dropbox. Cryptomator files are no different than any other.

macOS Sierra v10.12.6.

I’ve contacted Dropbox already. I’m a paid user and they’re blaming the problem on my use of Symlinks, which I’ve used for years with zero problems.

Another strange behavior, I’ve lost 50 gb of disk space. When I scan my disk with DaisyDisk, there is a new volume called “.dropbox”, adjacent to “Dropbox”. I’m wondering if Dropbox creates this volume as a backup due to sync issue. Again, I experienced zero problems prior to installing Crytomator.

I am using Windows 10 and OneDrive but I also get the same stuck on sync with OneDrive every now and then, but not always.
If I just pause OneDrive for 2 seconds and the resume Onedrive, the Onedrive sync fixes itself and all sync icons are green.
I have no idea why it happens but the fix is easy and I have not experienced and Onedrive sync corruption issues.