Download files as you use them

When we access OneDrive, for example, when accessing a folder with images, OneDrive downloads the thumbnail of all images in the folder, but only downloads the file itself when we access it. In Cryptomator it happens as follows: when accessing a folder containing images for example, it downloads the thumbnail, as well as all the files contained in it (the folder). This ends up exceeding what is necessary, and it would be ideal to have a customization option, so that you download the file as you use it, however, the thumbnail could continue to download, just the file issue that is the “problem”, and an option in the Cryptomator to get around this situation would be ideal, because when you have many files within the same folder, it is unnecessary to download all of them, and sometimes we need to open only one file.

Despite this, Cryptomator is software that undoubtedly should be present on the desktop of anyone who values ​​privacy.

Sorry for my English, I’m not native.