Donation key via direct message?


Glad to see Cryptomator has taken off. I remember seeing it at CeBIT maybe in 2016 or earlier, and back then it seemed like one of the rare personal encryption solutions done right.

I had actually donated (via Paypal), back in 2016, and also I have bought the Android app in 2018.

Now I would like to have my donation key for the desktop app, but for the life of me, I can’t find how to send direct message here. Can you help?


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If you click on a user there is the green “Message” button, which can be used to send a direct message:
Screenshot from 2020-10-09 16-53-21

A receipt for the donation would be necessary and the donation would have to be at least 15€. If both of these conditions are fulfilled, please send the receipt via direct message.

Fancy. It didn’t say anything about donations having to meet particular size criteria. Oh well.

And no, there is no such “Message” button for me:

Maybe a trust-level thing of Discourse (PM are per default not allowed for trust-level 0)