Does cryptomator know how to use/save the exFat time offset?

I wish I had had the presence of mind to take better notes.

I’m running a vault (using latest CM) that is sourced from an external drive running exFat. Yesterday I went to synch the fault files with Google Drive using Rclone. To my surprise, pretty much all the files in the vault needed to have their datestamp updated (I should have counted – thus my comment about notes). This was puzzling, since I hadn’t done anything to the files to change them. Being impatient I went ahead and ran the process, which took somewhere around 2 hours.

Thinking about it, I realized that we changed out of daylight savings time over the weekend. The exFat format stores the time and the timezone information separately. I’m thinking that it is possible that the vault files were saved without the timezone info. Of course, it could also be Rclone doesn’t know how to use timezone info when doing comparisons. It could even be that Google drive doesn’t store the date stamp correctly. Or stores it differently. It’s a many-headed hydra, but I thought I would start by asking here if anyone happens to know about CM and exFat.


In my experience, Cryptomator preserves the times of the files as it encrypts them. The issue is usually with the sync programs, or the cloud provider. If everything was working fine before the timezone change, i expect this is not cryptomator related.

A good test for this in the future would be to have a small sync folder on google drive unencrypted, then test it after a time change.

Some providers allow changing the modtimes without re-uploading the files, although i don’t know about Google drive, i tend to avoid their services.

You can set rclone to ignore modtime changes as long as the filesize hasn’t changed with the flag