Disable the creation of .bkup file

Hi, CryptoMator will automatically create a .bkup file after successfully opening the vault (cmiiw). I don’t want this. How to disable this “feature”?

Also, from what I understand, the keyfile only changes after user changes the password of the vault and/or after the user installs a different version of CryptoMator, is that correct?

Thank you.

Welcome to the Cryptomator community :slightly_smiling_face:,

You can’t.

Not completely correct. The masterkey file changes, if

  • the user changes the password or
  • the vault is migrated to a newer format.
    The latter happens only after an update, but not every update includes a vault migration.

Thank you, Infeo!

My vault was created in dropbox. I would like to keep the keyfile locally (and have a backup of it for sure). In the existing scenario in which CryptoMator creates a backup file every time it successfully opens the vault, this can’t serve my purpose. I am paranoid that all the files required for opening the vault are available at the same place in the cloud.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Thank you, Sir!