Direct (Bluetooth) folder transfer from Windows to Android - device


I have several times tried to:

  • encrypt a folder on a Android Phone
  • transfer this folder via Bluetooth (program MyPhoneExplorer) direct (no Cloud storage) to my Windows 10 device.

I am unable to unlock the folder on the PC
(Error Code O52V:CKK4:CKK4)

Same problem the other way around…

What (where) is my fault? :thinking:



See here: Error O52V:CKK4:CKK4 · Discussion #2604 · cryptomator/cryptomator · GitHub

TX for your reply!

I tried it again…

Does Cryptomator only work via cloud? And not via direct transfer from mobile to PC (via Bluetooth, or wlan…)?

Cryptomator does only create a bunch of files. It does not matter how you transfer your vault files to another place. It does matter that all files/folders are available to the app that a vault needs. These are the root folder, the „d“ folder and the „*.cryptomator“ files. In your case it looks like some of these files/folders are not available to the app or not existing after transfer.