Details about Android version

Hi ,
I think about purchasing the app, but have not yet found any details about its features.
Had installed the beta to try it but was unable to get it to upload pictures and files encrypted automatically.
Is that possible at all?
Given the stiff price of 10€ it should be an extremely clever piece of software.
Unfortunately its features description is below par.
Thanks for some hints what it can do and what the limits are.

There’s no auto upload feature. You’ll have to push the files you want to upload into your vault manually.

Thank you very much for you reply.
As I’ve tried the beta - is there any more functionality in the release?
Is there any advantage over the GMX version, which I am just testing?
My use case is to edit a couple of files with confidential data on a Win 7 machine and on Android while on the road.
Editing a database file locally on Win is obviously possible.
Looks as if the same file has to be copied first on Android in order to edit it and copied back in oder to get it crypted into the cloud.
Nothing I want to do constantly.
I had hoped that cryptomator would make Android cloud use safe and easy.
Like taking a photo and get it up to the cloud just so.
Making it a manual process really does not justify charging 10€ as one
would accomplish the same by just using a free encryption tool.
Nothing against paying even more than 10€, but the tool should be comfortable to use.
Am I expecting too much?
What’s the benefit of using Cryptomator for Android?
PS: C’mon! Really no concise feature description for the Android program?

Hi. As I do not use the android version, I can not give you more info than you can read in this forum.
But afaik it is still possible in Google’s Play Store to refund app if they do not provide what you expect.

Based on my information I assume that the functionality of the iPhone app (that I’m using) and android app is similar.
Reading in your post what you expect from the app, I’m concerned that the app will not fit your needs.

That is correct

Thank you very much Michael!
I appreciate your help.

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