Cryptomator Vault

Hello Team,

Quick question. I am using cryptomator to encrypt all files before uploading files to Dropbox.
We create a vault which is placed locally, right.
We then put all files into the vault.
We lock the vault.

  • My question is, what happens if I need to re-install my Linux and the local vault is deleted?
  • Will all files in Dropbox be deleted?
  • Can I recover the files and vault on a new machine?


I havent used dropbox in years , however as long as your Cryptomator Vault is in folder that syncs to an online dropbox, the files will behave the same as any other (non cryptomator) files you sync with dropbox.

If you reinstall your machine, and reconnect to your dropbox account, it “should” redownload the sync folder, including your cryptomator vault. Once the download is completed you can install the same version (or newer) of cryptomator and reconnect to your vault.

However I would always recommend keeping a local copy just in case of error. Ideally back up your files to an external local drive before reinstalling. There is always a small risk of data getting corrupted during upload, or data failures/errors with cloud providers. Never trust all your data to one drive or platform!