Cryptomator uses almost double the memory


I am using Cyberduck with Cryptomator with a wasabi vault. I dragged-and-dropped a big folder (about 25GB) into the vault, but the storage used on the server is close to 50GB. While Cyberduck/Crhyptomator was uploading the data, I did notice that it tried to upload it twice. I also did the math, and manually added the sizes of the files on the server, and the 50GB accounting is correct.

Is this expected? It seems pretty weird.


No it’s not.
The size may differ, but only in a very small amount.
So I guess the upload was indeed done twice and all files are doubled. For what ever reason. But: if my assumption is correct, you should see these dublicate files in cyberduck as well.

If not, I recommend to delete the vault and proceed again with crating the vault.

Please note that cyberduck uses the open source code from cryptomator in their product.
Therefore you should place your incident at the cyberduck support.