Cryptomator need some improvent

I used the win desktop ver of ctmt, so far so good.
and paid for android version even i know it is read-only Now.
I still pay to support the development, as ctmt is
open source, and wont limit us by number of file,
machine, cloud etc.

however, currently the 4gb file size limit “associated” with ctmt make it can store 5gb movie thru cyberduck but not direct play of it.

i turn to try b0xcrypt0r.
found out that bc dunt have the 4gb file limit.
and its encrypt/decrypt seems … much… faster.

at this moment i got tons of Movie i need to encrypt on cloud and need to play directly, for these i use bc.

for personal files i will use Cryprsync(7zip)+ctmt.

as said ctmt is foss, and No limit on usage, its my prefered style. yet it need improvements.

add oil.


oh i must point out b0xcrypt0r is close source software.

I love cloud storage as it can be unlimited at the moment.

And as it’s volatile, I use clone to sync from cloud1 to cloud2.

For a folder of ~45GB, I rclone it from cloud1 to cloud2,
the folder is cryptomated.
but it say a file is not readable, internal error 500? etc.

I am trying with bcryptor.
bcryptor store file by file (freemium version cant hide filename but paid version can).

At the moment,
may be I will make 2 copies on the unlimited cloud drive.
1 by ctmt, 1 by bcryptor.

btw, the files are themselves further encrypted with, and the password
MUST be different from those used in ctmt/bcryptor.

the vault approach or file by file approach is different.