Cryptomator+icloud, how to deal with filesystem data disappearing when you remove local files?

Hello! So, cryptomator seems perfect for what I’d like to do, but I ran into a snag.

I am on a mac. I have access to OneDrive and iCloud Drive. I decided to use the latter because I’ve seen it said that OneDrive will constantly accuse you of having ransomware, which doesn’t seem ideal.

My cloud drives are mounted to my computer’s harddrive (as they more or less have to be). I have a bunch of data on external harddrives that I’d like to funnel into a cryptomator vault on a cloud provider.

So, in iCloud, I made a cryptomator vault. My idea was I rsync over some data (rsync is nice b/c once I get things set up for the folders I want to backup, it can then just diff in the future). then I remove the data locally, then continue backing up. This is necessary because the total amount of data I want to backup is larger than my computer’s harddrive space…so I can’t have it all on my harddrive.

This is where I ran into an issue! Apparently, when iCloud removes files locally, it also removes the filesystem data. Or at least, that’s what it looks like is happening. I don’t think that OneDrive has this issue?

Regardless, this sort of stopped my plan in its tracks, because now I cannot rsync stuff over. I guess I could make absolutely sure an entire directory is in the vault before moving it over, but in the future I can’t use rsync’s ability to incrementally update without first having to download anything.

Is there any way around this issue? Or, more generally, is there some recommended pattern? Is there a way to get OneDrive not to complain about ransomware? I saw people recommending using iCloud with cryptomator, but this seems like a pretty big limitation! Would very much appreciate any pointers.