Cryptomator drive disappears, App hangs


Since 1 or 2 weeks the cryptomator drive disappears about 10 seconds after unlocking. The cryptomator app (Windows) will then no longer be accessible. Killing and restarting the app solves the problem, but only for the already mentioned 10 seconds.

When I go back to 1.4.7, then the problem does not occur. But I didn’t test 1.4.8 …


Do not use 1.4.7! (see

Apart from that urgent matter, i have the standard questions: What version of Cryptomator is used? With which method is an unlocked vault provided ?(WebDAV vs Dokany) What is your windows version? Does this happen also with a “normal” (aka not synchronized) vault?

Cryptomator Version 1.4.11
Windows 10 Pro Version 1903 (18362.175), 64 bit

Don’t understand, what a “normal” vault means, sorry :wink:

I now use cryptomator Version 1.4.9 and that works fine, too.

Hmm, “normal” is the wrong term i guess. I meant a solely local vault, such that no sychronisation software could interfere.

I assume the problem is resolved then?

Ok, it is a local vault. Or better: a vault in the local onedrive folder.

Issue solved? Well, yes, using version 4.1.9. But in 4.1.11 it persists, I assume.

With version 1.4.11 we updated our Dokany library, but it showed that the new one is not compatible to Dokany installations below (For more info, see

You have two options now:

  1. Install Cryptomator-1.4.11+114 (to be found here) or
  2. Update Dokany to

Thank you, option 1 seems to work :+1: