Cryptomator does not Sync on Nextcloud

Hi Guys,
I have got a Nextcloud-Account at my employer, because I have sensible data to store I do use Cryptomator which does work fine for me at GDrive or OneDrive, but Cryptomator does not sync with my Nextcloud-Account. Everything I encrypt with cryptomator Is just stored localy on my computer. The path is correct, and the Windows-Client shows the d- Folder as synct but the ammount of Data doesn’t fit, 3,6 GB to more than 10 GB which are stored localy on my hard drive…
Any suggestions?


Welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face: ,

Cryptomator Desktop does not contain any sychronization feature. It only encrypts or decrypts data it can access over the local OS.

For synchronization you have to use the regarding (cloud) client.

The funny thing is, that everything else does sync. the shared folders with my colleges, except the encrypted cryptomator folder.

I have noticed, that the syncronisation only works from my private computer. When I changesomething from my work computer, it does not get syncronized in the nextcloud.

I have the exact same problem - the Vault folder in my Nextcloud filesystem is collected by Nextcloud. When I go to the server it only contains a folder called D which has many sub-folders all of which are empty. None of the Vault files nor the IMPORTANT.rtf file is collected.

I am investigating the ‘ignore list’ and the documentation on this does not seem to match my client which does not have a ‘General’ tab or a gui for editing the ignore list. As the original poster points out this same Vault works perfectly with OneDrive.

As the .rtf file does not get synchronised I do not think it is anything to do with the ignore list. I cannot think of a reason why Nextcloud would fail to work here. Is it something to do with the cryptomator encryption filenames perhaps? But in any case the top level IMPORTANT.rtf is also not moved.