Cryptomator could not a vault at this path

Everything works as it should when I have my USB plugged into my computer. However when I do not I get this message while I try sign into my files on one drive and when I open the app on my computer. Only works when I put the USB files into the computer and only then can I access files everywhere. It is like the USB key is the master key for this. I was under the impression I just needed the password to gain access to my files. I saved them as back up on USB and One Drive. Why is this happening, I can not seem to figure this out. Bit redundant being up in the cloud if I am unable to access them if I lose my USB or access from my computer without the USB.

Please check the path to you vault. It’s shown below the vault name in cryptomator desktop.
Inam pretty sure you placed your vault in your sub stick.

Yes, all you need to access your vault is the password (and of course the masterkey file that is part of your vault)

Hello Michael, I opened CRYPTOMATOR on my desktop and it has the name “files” in green.Underneath this much much smaller non colored writing it says D:"files".
It does seem like you are correct if I am understanding correctly. How do I correct this to where my files are accessible via password without having a USB plugged it and I am easily able to access them from the cloud?

  1. remove the vault from the app (this will not delete the files)
  2. go to your usb stick, locate the folder that is named after your vault.
  3. move this complete folder from your usb stick to somewhere on your local machine. Make sure that this place is also included in your online storage sync. For example, if you want to sync your vault with googledrive, the encrypted vault files have to be stored in a folder that is included in gdrive backup and sync.
  4. open cryptomator
  5. select „add vault“ and then „existing vault“
  6. select the masterkey file in the folder you have just moved.
    And that’s it.