Cryptomator can't open existing vault after update

Yesterday I updated Cryptomator from version 1.4.5 to version 1.4.6.
On my desktop PC it worked immediatly.
But when I did it on my laptop I got the message that the opening of the vault had failed. In the log file I read that the network was nog find.
I deleted Cryptomator and installed version 1.4.5 and got the same problems.
I deleted also that version. I installed version 1.4.2. The problem was gone.
Now I use different versions. On my desktop 1.4.6. On my laptop 1.4.2.
I should like to know what I can do to solve the problem on my laptop.

With kind regards, Wiebe Tiekstra - Berkel en Rodenrijs - The Netherlands.

In my case, restarting the system solved this.

Hi Michael,

I tried a restart. I tried a clean installation. Even version 1.4.5. Nothing helped.
So in my case it was nog a solution.