Cryptomator as Total iCloud Vault Overlay

I am not a technical person, so I hope someone can answer my question here.

I wanted to use Cryptomator as a total overlay or glove over my whole iCloud experience. Is this possible?

I was hoping there were step by step instructions to use Cryptomator for this purpose.

To clarify, I wanted to include E2EE throughout all of iCloud and I wanted to do this seamlessly in the background. Thus, all data from my mac and iPhone will travel threw Cryptomator onto iCloud.

Again, is this possible?


Short answer: No.

You can only use Cryptomator to encrypt files that you explicitly choose to store within the Cryptomator vault.

Applications that sync data via iCloud automatically (such as iMessage) or applications that allow you to save their files within iCloud (such as Numbers) will put their data directly into iCloud and you can not tell them to use a manually chosen storage location instead.

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